Evernote - your external brain

2 GTD Framework -> and Evernote (2 weeks)

  • Collect everything!
  • Weekly Review
  • Zero Inbox
  • 2 min rule
  • Collection
  • Organize
  • Reflect
  • NEXT action
  • What is Evernote
  • How I use evernote
  • How you can use evernote
  • Capture process -
  • Tags/notebooks/sharing
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Alternative -> One Note
Motivation -
How much is enough for you? What is Your WHY!?


Creating and review are most important in my opionion. However - if you don't have a framework yet - please use mine.

Lesson 1
: Let me know how it feels and how its going.
Whats your biggest hurdle, or biggest issue with using evernote?
If any? Reply back to me in an email.



And Following up from last weeks Evernote shabang! I made it easier for you to "follow along" and made 4 shorter Youtube clips of my current Evernote Setup.