Welcome to Change


First off all I want to congratulate you on an excellent choice! This course will change your life (for the better), if you finish it, and follow the steps and lessons.

Before we take off I want to give you a great recource that is continually updated, with new tools, articles and other tricks that is regularly updated, check it out on http://bit.ly/FocusedProductivityTrello

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But wait.. Shouldn't you say welcome to Mastering the art of Focused Productivity L1? Yes that is true, this is only the first "low level" step to Mastering Focused Productivity, and I want you to know that there are more to becoming focused in this hyper world, but aim to finish this course first (very few do, since theres always "new shiny objects" ) - Now.. to change!

Change what you might ask?

  • Myself?
  • My behaviors?
  • My thoughts?

Its too early to tell. But for you to be productive, or to become more productive, you have to change! That is why you have singed up for this course right?

WHAT IS CHANGE? Change is hard, when did you change your mind about something? Einstein said:

If you are not open to change - everything you learn here will be useless. Peter Diamandis claims:

"The only constant is change."


"either you disrupt yourself or someone else will."


According to famous psychologist Kurt Lewin change happens in 3 steps:

  • Unfreeze
  • Change
  • ReFreeze


The first step he calles ”unfreeze”. To become motivated for change we need to remove the factors that supports the learned behavior and lessens the worry for learning new things


Second step is "change" - this occurs when you are enough dissatisfied with your current situation to wish for a real change and to identify what must be changed, do the change by mimicing others or look for own solutions by "trial and error"


Third step is: ReFreeze - here we make the change permanent.

How is the model used?

To get a clear picture of how an experience is formed when we are changing something, like a habit. Look to the picture below with 4 stages and reactions to change, most people are experiencing them during a change.

Change Curve

To be able to utilize the strategies and tools in this course, you have to change some behaviors, thoughts and tools.

Are you ready and willing to change?


Congratulations on saying YES to change! And with that intro I want to welcome to the FLAWD Academy! And to our online course: Productivity Level 1. My name is Peter Larsson and I have been using these strategies and techniques for over a decade. Some of it is wizardry and some of it is just common sense. :)

Expected time: 2-4 hours per week for 8 weeks.

To be able to fully implement the strategies and structures, please schedule 2-4 hours every week during 8 weeks and please follow the instructions and test it. You will get more value out of the course if you do!

Theoretical Framework for the course

With the motivation to change, and knowing that this it will be hard. Lets start with getting an overview of this course in productivity, the course designed with the following steps:

  1. Awareness
    • To change something we must first know what we have and where we are
  2. Patch
    • Once we are aware, and know where we want to be we can start filling in the gaps, patching.
  3. Optimize
    • When patching is done, we can tweak, configure, make small changes, for optimization.
  4. Automate and Outsource
    • Automating and outsource to eliminate the nonessential from our lives, and create the time and freedom to concentrate on the most important things in life…
  5. Exploring
    • Test out new things and repeating the process
  6. Re-Screen/Re-Test
    • Rinse and Repeat.

Please make a comment below with your Name, and your expectations on the course

What we are going to learn in this course?

  • GTD - Getting Things Done - the most popular and widely spread productivity framework in the world.
  • Evernote - The most commonly used notetaking app in the world. It will be our external brain
  • Rescuetime - an automatic app that will collect everything you do to measure your productivity.
  • IFTTT - an automation app to connect different apps and technologies.
  • Calendar - Thoughtpatterns, coloring, follow
  • Email - structures, and frameworks for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail


My promise to you:

You will increase your productivity with 80% or money back guarantee!

Lets get started!